Stealth Vape: PUFFiT Portable Inhaler Vaporizer Review

PUFFiTI keep touching up on the stealth vape known as the PUFFiT by Discreet Vape.  It’s a portable vaporizer that looks like an inhaler.  Not only can the PUFFiT discreetly deliver vapor, there’s also the possibility that it will cause you to reminisce about the movie Idle Hands in which one of the characters has an inhaler turned into a traditional pipe, which he keeps on a necklace.  With temperature control, you can decide upon the density of your vapor.

The device has an internal battery which is easily recharged using the provided charger.  It heats up quick and it’s easy to use.  With the compact size and discreet design, this stealth vaporizer is one of the coolest new portable vaporizers, in my opinion.

There are eight temp. settings on this bad boy and you switch the temperature by turning the dial with your finger.  Remove the mouthpiece to access the temperature control wheel.  Removing the mouthpiece is a little more difficult than one might think, so grab hard and pull in a controlled fashion; i.e. slowly and steadily.

Before you use this vaporizer, I would definitely suggest you crank up the heat and burn off any manufacturing residues.  Not strictly because it’s made in China, but, more so because it’s a vaporizer and you’re going to inhale the vapor produced by the device.  For reference, I personally pre-burn with ALL vaporizers and not just the PUFFiT.

Read more PUFFiT vaporizer reviews to gain some clear insight into whether it’s appropriate for you.  If you’re fairly certain it’s the best portable vaporizer for you, click here to buy PUFFiT.

PUFFiT Video:

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