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Small Vaporizer Options, What Vapes Are Available

Portable VaporizerHere’s a short review of small vaporizer options.  I’m going to start with one of the more popular vaporizers out there and that’s the Magic Flight Launch Box.  The Box, MFLB, or whatever you want to call it, is really small and portable vape that’s made in California.  It’s legit enough to come with a functional warranty from the manufacturer, Magic-Flight.  Usage is simple, you just stick the battery in and press it in while drawing air through the device with or without the provided tube.  Not using the tube is called going native and a lot of people prefer to use the MFLB native.  There are some accessories to make things easier like the car adapter which lets you get endless vaporizing on the go.

DaVinci vaporizer is a popular new portable vape that’s shaped like a pocket, more or less, and designed to fit into your pocket with ease.  While it’s quite popular, it’s the new PUFFiT vaporizer that has me excited.  PUFFiT looks like an inhaler pipe, however, it’s a super stealth vape with multiple temperature settings.  The optional internal stirring device makes it that much more legit.

Jumping to another small vape, there’s the pen style AtmosRaw which has an optional enhancement to increase the vaporizing temperature and subsequently the density of the vapor.  I think a lot of people are failing to realize that this AtmosRaw accessory is definitely worth acquiring, at least I sure think it is.

The VaporGenie is what I would consider to be the original vaporizer pipe.  It uses a ceramic filter, but, it requires an external heat source like a lighter or Hemp Wick.  Vapor Bat is the same deal, basically, only it’s a straight cylinder which makes it quite a bit more compact than the Vapor Genie.

Dragon Lite is a cheaper version of the MFLB, but honestly here folks, I would suggest going with the Magic Flight Launch Box and coughing up the extra dough because it’s worth the money spent if you ask me.  Regardless, it’s another really small vaporizer and it’s roughly the size of the Launch Box.

Arizer, the guys behind the Extreme Q 4.0 multi-function vape and the V-Tower, have come out with a portable vape called the Solo vaporizer.  It’s a nice vape and worth checking out if you appreciate the quality work Arizer is doing in Canada.

The last vape I’m going to throw out there is the Ploom Pax.  It’s pretty close to the same dimensions as a lighter, only it’s actually a really small vaporizer with three temperature settings and what I think is a 10-year warranty, if my memory serves correct.  That’s definitely one of those new vapes that’s worth checking into a bit more.  Pax vaporizer by Ploom, check it out.

When using a vaporizer, you typically want to use a grinder to shred your blend before inserting into your unit to be vaporized, but, I’ll talk more on this in my next publication.