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AtmoxRX Portable Liquid Vaporizer

AtmosRXNot to be confused with the AtmosRAW, the AtmosRX is a portable vaporizer which requires a cartomizer in order to operate.  This small vaporizer is quite likely one of the smallest around, at least at the time of writing, and even though it’s small, it still creates some serious vapor.  In order to recharge the device, simply plug it into the portable USB charger.

If you’re looking to use the AtmosRX in order to vaporize a liquid substance such as the e-liquid used in some electronic cigarettes, you absolutely can as that’s what the RX is designed for.

There is no on/off switch on the device as it simply powers off when not inhaling.  Continuous inhalation for more than 9 seconds will result in the vape pausing operation for 3 seconds in order to avoid overheating and excessive use.

To buy AtmosRx, feel free to click here to order via the Internet.  The device is available in black and silver and don’t forget, you’ll also need to order a cartomizer in order to take advantage of this portable vape.

Small Vaporizer Options, What Vapes Are Available

Portable VaporizerHere’s a short review of small vaporizer options.  I’m going to start with one of the more popular vaporizers out there and that’s the Magic Flight Launch Box.  The Box, MFLB, or whatever you want to call it, is really small and portable vape that’s made in California.  It’s legit enough to come with a functional warranty from the manufacturer, Magic-Flight.  Usage is simple, you just stick the battery in and press it in while drawing air through the device with or without the provided tube.  Not using the tube is called going native and a lot of people prefer to use the MFLB native.  There are some accessories to make things easier like the car adapter which lets you get endless vaporizing on the go.

DaVinci vaporizer is a popular new portable vape that’s shaped like a pocket, more or less, and designed to fit into your pocket with ease.  While it’s quite popular, it’s the new PUFFiT vaporizer that has me excited.  PUFFiT looks like an inhaler pipe, however, it’s a super stealth vape with multiple temperature settings.  The optional internal stirring device makes it that much more legit.

Jumping to another small vape, there’s the pen style AtmosRaw which has an optional enhancement to increase the vaporizing temperature and subsequently the density of the vapor.  I think a lot of people are failing to realize that this AtmosRaw accessory is definitely worth acquiring, at least I sure think it is.

The VaporGenie is what I would consider to be the original vaporizer pipe.  It uses a ceramic filter, but, it requires an external heat source like a lighter or Hemp Wick.  Vapor Bat is the same deal, basically, only it’s a straight cylinder which makes it quite a bit more compact than the Vapor Genie.

Dragon Lite is a cheaper version of the MFLB, but honestly here folks, I would suggest going with the Magic Flight Launch Box and coughing up the extra dough because it’s worth the money spent if you ask me.  Regardless, it’s another really small vaporizer and it’s roughly the size of the Launch Box.

Arizer, the guys behind the Extreme Q 4.0 multi-function vape and the V-Tower, have come out with a portable vape called the Solo vaporizer.  It’s a nice vape and worth checking out if you appreciate the quality work Arizer is doing in Canada.

The last vape I’m going to throw out there is the Ploom Pax.  It’s pretty close to the same dimensions as a lighter, only it’s actually a really small vaporizer with three temperature settings and what I think is a 10-year warranty, if my memory serves correct.  That’s definitely one of those new vapes that’s worth checking into a bit more.  Pax vaporizer by Ploom, check it out.

When using a vaporizer, you typically want to use a grinder to shred your blend before inserting into your unit to be vaporized, but, I’ll talk more on this in my next publication.

Vaporizer Quest: What’s The Best Vape For You

So what’s the best vaporizer for you?  Tough question, but, with a little bit of digging you can likely find the answer.  To begin, you’ll want to make a decision in regards to stationary or portability.  If you want a cordless and portable vaporizer, you don’t necessarily want a stationary vaporizer.

Extreme QLet’s say you want a stationary style vape, you will want to decide whether you want a wand or balloon.  The Volcano vaporizers use a balloon which is filled with vapor, a very convenient delivery system.  Da Buddha and Silver Surfer vaporizer systems use a vapor wand.  If you don’t want to decide, you can always choose the best of both worlds and get both!  Arizer Extreme Q vaporizers allow you to switch back and forth between a balloon and wand.  Not only that, the Extreme Q vaporizer 4.0 comes with an extra long vapor wand and bags that you can customize to the size of your liking, just like the Volcano vaporizer.  The EQ also comes with a remote control.

Portable vaporizers on the other hand are cordless and come in a lot of different styles.  You have the battery powered, butane powered, and even those powered by the flame from a normal lighter like the Vapor Bats and Vapor Genie vapes.  Compact size is key and that’s where the Dragon Lite and Magic Flight Launch Box really shine.  Both are super small and use a rechargeable AA battery.  What else is there?  Well, there’s the Arizer Solo vaporizer which has multiple temperature settings and delivers vapor quickly.  For the sake of covering more portable vaporizer units, there’s the new PUFFiT inhaler vaporizer by Discreet Vape.   The PUFFiT is one sneaky stealth vape that rivals the AtmosRaw pen vaporizer in regards to discretion.  As far as new vaporizers are concerned, there’s the Pax by Ploom.  The Ploom Pax is a small vaporizer that’s very portable, efficient, and basically just another legitimate portable vape that’s worth looking into.

If you’re still looking for more ideas, try reading some in-depth vaporizer reviews.

Best Portable Vaporizer That’s Actually A Stealth Vape

In my opinion, there’s at least two portable vaporizers that are potential candidates for the best portable vaporizer.  Both are handheld and both are cordless, making them truly portable.  The first of which is the stealth vape known as the PUFFiT.  The PUFFiT isn’t exactly what I’d call an inhaler pipe, although it does have a similar appearance, it’s in reality an efficient and portable vaporizer system designed to look like an ordinary inhaler.  The other vape I consider to be stealthy is the AtmosRAW pen vaporizer that I mentioned in a previous post.  Raw vapes looks like pens and produce mostly invisible vapor.

What do you think, what’s the best portable vaporizer that offers a discreet vaporizing experience?

Vaporizer Pen Known As The AtmosRAW

AtmosRAWWhen it comes to portable vaporizers, AtmosRAW is one of the most compact and portable in design.  The lightweight and discreet design looks similar to a pen; which is why it’s known as the vaporizer pen.  The device heats up in seconds and is ready to begin producing vapor.  The lack of visible vapor, at least for the most part, helps make the AtmosRAW a stealth vape that one can use on the move.

Using the 5″ x 0.5″ device is easy enough as you simply load the chamber, ensure the device is adequately charged, and simply press and release the button while slowly drawing air.  The way it’s used is similar to the Dragon Lite and Magic Flight Launch Box vapes in the sense that you regulate the internal temperature manually by controlling the intervals at which the power button is pressed and released while drawing air through the mouthpiece.

Where traditional tobacco pipes can be difficult to use when the wind is blowing hard, AtmosRAW vaporizers are wind proof and will work regardless of how strong the wind is blowing.

If after reading this AtmosRAW review, you find yourself compelled to acquire your own portable vaporizer pen, you can click here to buy the Raw.